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Acentric was founded in 2010 with a focus on SMEs and startups, offering exceptional value for money and levels of expertise. Instead of the usual fragmented approach, each project is executed by one specialist who runs every aspect of the project. Acentric specialises in quantitative marketing research and offers online-panel surveys (ISO 26362:2009 certified panel) with advanced analysis and reporting. Research areas include:  

  • New product research
  • Online store research
  • Packaging research
  • Pricing research

Acentric also offers 'off-the-shelf' market reports. Acentric offers better-value for money by exploiting new developments in technology and using innovative solutions to lower overheads.

Data-collection capacity

Acentric specialises in online-panel surveys. As internet access has improved, online 'panel' surveys have become increasingly viable, offering superior quality and value when compared to traditional data collection modes. Survey's can be conducted using Acentric's own online panel or using lists. Acentric has access to over 50,000 SA consumers through its own panels and integrated alliance partners, extending to 144 million globally through a seamless network. Acentric offers you the optimal data collection solution for a specific project - whether just single or mixed mode.

Statistical / data science capability

A wide range of techniques are available to describe consumers, understand & model relationships between consumer variables and predict outcomes:
These include basic tabulation (cross-tabs / banners with significant differences), graphs, correlations, clustering, perceptual mapping (e.g. biplots), multiple regression, generalized linear models and conjoint analysis. Additionally non-survey dependent approaches such as monte carlo simulations are also available.
A selection of customers who have already benefited from Acentric's data and or insights:

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