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Published papers and conferences

1. Craig Kolb (2010), “Exploring the use of high technology and employing GIS to upgrade your marketing policy”, Marcus Evans “African Rural Marketing Strategies” conference, 21 May 2010, Johannesburg. Link to presentation.

2. Craig Kolb (2010), “Using consumer survey-based brand equity models to build your brand”, DRC Communications Africa 2010, 24-25 June, Balalaika Johannesburg.

3. Craig Kolb and Peter Millican [Oxford University] (2006), Connecting with Elizabeth: Using artificial intelligence as a data collection aid, “Connections”, MRS annual conference, 22-24 March 2006, Barbican London.

4. Craig Kolb (2005), Concept Test Accuracy and Consumer Uncertainty: Propositions and Empirical Verification”, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference: Broadening the boundaries, 5-7 December 2005, Freemantle Perth, Western Australia. Link to paper.

5. Craig Kolb (2005), “To what extent do corporate governance and trust matter? An analysis of the impact of corporate governance and organisational trust on employee loyalty”, 4th Global Conference on Business & Economics; 26-28 June 2005; Oxford University, Oxford, UK.

6. Craig Kolb and Andrea Rademeyer, (2005), “An empirical analysis of Markov and logistic model predictive accuracy in the cellular market”, May, SAMRA: Fact Fantasy & Fiction Conference, Cape Town.

7. Craig Kolb and Andrea Rademeyer (2004), “Cracking the Crystal Ball: An empirical analysis of approaches to forecasting aggregate and individual switching behaviour in developing cellular phone markets”, November, Esomar Telecommunications Conference – Brussels Belgium, November 2004. No link available due to copyright restrictions.

8. Craig Kolb, Msweli-Mbanga, P., and Pramjeeth, S., (2002), Marketing management: Book 3 specific topics in marketing, Natal Business School Publishers, Durban. This was published by the university as an aid for MBA students.

9. Craig Kolb, “University of Natal social life”, (1998), 3rd Annual Conference on Current Research in Commerce, held at Natal Technikon, September.

Articles Authored

Various – for instance – a series of service quality articles for the management journal “Management Today”: May 2005, June 2005, July 2005, September 2005, yearbook edition for 2005, March 2006 and December 2007. Various articles published on Bizcommunity website related to brand equity, trust measurement and research trends.                  

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