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Screen out menu item flops before revising your restaurant menu

Published by Staff author in Restaurants · 14 July 2022
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Do you have a restaurant-menu item that is not selling as well as it should? If yes, then you need to replace it with an alternative menu item. However, this can be tricky. The traditional trial and error approach of guessing and printing new menus is costly, both in terms of menu printing costs and in terms of food costs; not to mention customer annoyance over constant changes.

Acentric provides an easy, low cost solution in the form of the Restaurant Screener Survey module. Up to seven alternative ideas (including your existing item for comparison) can be included on the survey.

The survey is templated and ready to go. Your survey is sent to survey participants who then rate your menu items. Survey participants are recruited from a survey panel within the country you specify. They are shown in random order to eliminate order bias. with automated analysis and report production on completion. The report will be emailed to you within 72 hours.
The report includes a comparison of purchase intention for each alternative versus the existing menu item, making it easy to see whether the new item is likely to improve purchase interest or worsen purchase interest.

In addition survey participants provide three key diagnostic ratings: value for money, liking and brand fit. The scores for each new alternative are compared to the existing menu item on each diagnostic. You can see an example report on the details page mentioned below.
Setup is easy. Simply click on modules, find the restaurant screener survey module, click on details to read more, then click on create now to provide a few details, select the country you want survey participants to reside in and attach your alternative menu items as image files. This is easily done in a tool such as PowerPoint, where you can save each items text and price on a separate slide and then save all as images (jpg format) in one batch. If you need help, please reach out.

You could also conceivably test entire menu sub-sections – such as the continental breakfast – as long as you minimize information overload, so that it can be read within 10 seconds or so. The maximum image size is 950 pixels wide by 950 pixels high. It is suggested that you do not go below 300 pixels on any dimension.

If you want to craft attractive menu sub-sections, then you can make use of NCH’s free software. However this exports them as PDFs, so you would need to take screenshots using a tool like “snipping tool” and save them as Jpegs (check that the .jpg file extension is shown after saving).

So what are you waiting for, visit Acentric's survey modules page and improve your menu today!

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