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Brand equity research

The Acentric Brand Equity Model (ABM) is a validated approach to measuring brand equity. The model excels in its ability to deconstruct brand-equity into its component parts, providing a way to determine where brands are going wrong and a path to improving brand equity.
The ABM’s theoretical foundations rest on the work of leading-brand theorist Kevin Keller. The ABM is highly adaptable and has been used in industries as diverse as industrial equipment and consumer media. The model is also easily scalable and can cope with highly-fragmented markets with many brands.
Surveys are usually conducted amongst both customers and non-customers, providing an ideal platform for gathering market intelligence supplementary to the brand measurement process.

ABM Index
Overall brand equity calculated for each competing brand – ABM Index
Brand positioning signature
Each brand’s characteristic positioning signature (strengths & weaknesses)
ABM Index
Performance on each attribute
Competitor brands’ performance on each attribute
Attribute importance
Estimated attribute importance in determining preference
Competitor substitutability
Quantify substitutability of each competitor’s positioning with your own
Segment the market by need profile
Identify empty positioning space
Some product categories are intensely competitive, with little room for differentiation. The whitespace chart identifies which attributes competing brands are ignoring allowing you to position in these areas.
Lift scenarios
As an optional extra, lift scenarios provide estimated shift in brand equity share vs. competitors.
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