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Concept Screening

Acentric’s standardized concept screening surveys answer the following key questions:

  • Which alternative product / business ideas generate the highest purchase interest?
  • Which concepts outperform the existing product / service (if applicable)?
  • What segments should I target?
  • Identify problems currently experience in the general product category.
  • Identify the most appealing features.
Weighting algorithm

Survey participants weighted for good representation

Sample weights are calculated for your survey that correct for any differences between demographic representation in your sample and the known representation in the online population (according to census or other reliable data sources).

'Rough' alternative concepts - the idea not the execution

‘Rough’ concepts are all you need at the concept screening stage, since the aim is the assessment of the idea rather than the execution. This allows for multiple versions to be considered without too much time and resource investment. Test up to 10 alternative concepts at a time.

Acentric Concept Screen - various alternative versions are tested
Acentric concept screening example

Each concept is ranked

Each concept is ranked statistically. Each concept is displayed clearly on its own slide in order of rank.

Segment potential

Determine which segments are most interested in purchase, and which segments are less important. Prioritize ad spend and minimize waste.

Identify which concepts rank above the existing product

If you have an existing product on the market, you can identify its rank and which new alternative concepts outperform it.

General category problems

Identify problems experienced with this type of product to glean additional ideas.
General problems with product type identified by consumers
Concepts most appealing features

Best aspects

Survey respondents are asked to describe in their own words what features - amongst the concepts shown - were most appealing.


  • Includes questionnaire setup with your concept boards. Your concepts are added to a standardized online survey, with an allowance for one custom question appended at the end.
  • Includes recruitment and incentivization of online survey panelists.
  • Includes a RIM weighting process to ensure representation of the general online population on key demographics.
  • Standard statistical analysis.
  • Includes a presentation ready PowerPoint style report in PDF format. Your report will include a methodology section; graphs; tables with significant difference calculations to identify areas of interest; written interpretation and key takeout slides to clarify research findings. You will also be provided with the verbatim responses given by respondents to open-ended questions on a supplementary spreadsheet.
  • Timeline: approximately 7 to 15 working days post approval of the final questionnaire.


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