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Ecommerce Concept Testing

Acentric’s standardized ecommerce concept test surveys answers five key questions:

  • How viable is the new product / business concept?
  • What segments should I target?
  • What store characteristic improvements would have the biggest upside?
  • What value proposition improvements would have the biggest upside?
  • What cross-sell opportunities are there?

Survey participants are shown the essence of your idea in the form of a concept board

All you need to get started is a concept. Alternatively, if you don't have time, you can point out a product or service your are interested and the concept board can be created for a small additional fee. Typically this includes a text introducing the concept, any features and benefits and sometimes an image if applicable.
Online store concept validation

Performance on standard ratings

Concept performance is measured on a standard set of indicators and compared to 30+ previous concept test surveys. A widely used set of measures known to relate to performance are included: uniqueness, relevance, ease of understanding, believability, buzz factor and liking. Purchase intention is also included, but interpreted in a different way. The standard is to include this as unpriced, however priced intention may also be asked afterwards if specific prices are available.

Store characteristics

Store characteristics are rated and correlated with purchase intention. Identify which characteristics in the top left quadrant most require improvement.
Online store characteristics ability to drive sales
Online store value proposition test

Identify Target Segments

Identify segments that are most interested in purchasing.
Online store cross-sell identification

Identify value proposition improvements

A custom list of features describing the value proposition (applicable to your specific concept) is rated by respondents. Feature improvements that have the largest upside potential - in terms of increasing purchase intent - are identified.
Find startup online stores most promising segments

Identify cross-sell opportunities

Survey respondents are asked to indicate what else they might wish to purchase along with the proposed product set to identify cross-sell opportunities.
Determine what online store characteristics to change to boost conversion

Competitors Considered

Understanding the relevant competitor set - from your customers standpoint - is critical when launching a new store. Since there are so many stores out there, this is asked as an 'open end' question, allowing survey respondents to define the competitive set for you.

Survey participants weighted for good representation

In total 150 interviews are completed. Sample weights are calculated for your survey that correct for any differences between demographic representation in your sample and the known representation in the online population (according to census or other reliable data sources).

Determine trade-offs*

Acentric has built a conjoint analysis simulator based on previous research. The best trade-offs in terms of delivery charges, timeline and other store attributes can be determined. Up to five scenatios are included.

*Simulator results only available for South Africa at present.
ecommerce competitor consideration
Sample weighting process for representation


  • Includes questionnaire setup with your concept description and images. Your concept is added to a standardized online survey, with an allowance for 3 custom questions appended at the end.
  • Includes recruitment and incentivization of online survey panelists.
  • Includes a RIM weighting process to ensure representation of the general online population on key demographics.
  • Standard ecommerce concept test statistical analysis.
  • Includes a presentation ready PowerPoint style report in PDF format. Your report will include a methodology section; graphs; tables with significant difference calculations to identify areas of interest; written interpretation and key takeout slides to clarify research findings. You will also be provided with the verbatim responses given by respondents to open-ended questions on a supplementary spreadsheet.
  • Timeline: approximately 7 to 15 working days post approval of the final questionnaire.


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