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FMCG Data Book 2014

The FMCG Databook provides basic consumption data for a number of FMCG product categories in South Africa.

The report contains the following information:  

  • Purchase decision maker, influencer or not.  
  • Category penetration percentages.  
  • Category purchase occasion frequencies.  
  • Channel: online versus normal store.  
  • Brand bought on last purchase occasion.  

Categories included:

Air freshener
Potato chip
Chocolate slab
Instant coffee
Instant coffee powders (sachet)
Coffee capsule
Mixed-brewed coffee
Dishwashing liquid
Dishwasher machine powder/liquid/tablet
Frozen TV dinners
Dog food (dry pellets)
Shower gel
Washing powder  
Sparkling wine

Differences per demographic:  

  • Age groups
  • Gender  
  • Ethnic groups
  • Household income brackets
  • Province group  (3 major provinces – smaller provinces combined)
  • Work status

Last update

Last update 2014. To request a quotation on a new version, please lodge a request.


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