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Key Driver Analysis Survey

If you wish to improve sales or service satisfaction, identifying which changes to a product or service will have the biggest upside in terms of a key outcome (such as purchase intention or overall satisfaction) can be a challenge. The Key Driver Analysis survey module answers that challenge. This module is small but entirely standalone; with standard input questions, analysis and reporting.

Key benefits

  • Determine which attributes / features are most important in driving a key outcome, such as purchase intention or service satisfaction.
  • Determine the perceived performance of each attribute / feature.
  • Determine which attribute / feature changes will have the biggest upside in terms of the key outcome (high importance but low performance perception).
  • Easy to setup, with minimal input from you.


Survey participants are either asked to evaluate some type of stimuli, such as a new product concept description, or they are asked to evaluate something they are already familiar with, such as a service experience. Ratings are collected for the performance / appeal of each attribute thought to drive a key outcome, such as product purchase intention or overall satisfaction.

Example report

The report provides a brief overview of the survey method, and includes automated results, ready for you to present in PDF or PowerPoint.
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