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Takealot has been ranked first as the online retail brand with the largest brand equity in South Africa, followed by followed by Amazon, Makro, Game and Edgars. This is according to a new study titled “Online Retail Brands Report – South Africa – 2020”. The report is based on a survey of online shoppers, conducted by Acentric Marketing Research, covering the 12 month period to February 2020. The results were weighted to ensure demographic representation. In total 75 brands operating in the South African market were included in the survey.

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Release date: May 2020

What might have happened without lockdowns?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) forecast slide decks are provided below, to explore what might have happened under a ‘no lockdown’ scenario; where voluntary social distancing occurs, but without a forced lockdown. Included below are detailed assumption notes and a forecast per country 365 days ahead (starting with the day of the first case).

Why forecast under a no lockdown scenario?

  1. Allows a more accurate estimate of the eventual number of official cases, actual infections and fatalities; since the data is not distorted by the impact of an artificial lockdown (which in turn distorts estimates of model parameters). Only data available pre-lockdown is used to fit the model.
  2. Provides an indication of when the number of new daily cases would have peaked without a lockdown, allowing a comparison with the eventual reality.

Forecast accuracy

Early indications are that the forecast model provided a good approximation to reality. The 365 day forecast released on the 18th of May 2020 (for SA) forecast fatalities between 12,074 and 48,287 by the end of the 365 day window (ending March 2021).  As of 25 August 2020, actual fatalities equal 13,159, which is within the forecast boundaries. This number is expected to increase, but not exceed the forecast upper boundary of 48,287.

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According to a new survey completed in the first week of December, Takealot and Edgars are likely to be the most popular online retailers for Christmas 2016. The survey also revealed that almost a quarter of South Africans have reservations about shopping this Christmas. The survey was conducted by Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD, using both online and telephonic survey modes (see technical note). Continue reading

Acentric’s latest survey identified Barbie and Frozen are the most desirable toy brands for
girls in SA. For boys, cars and PlayStation game consoles are most popular.
This is according to a new survey conducted by Acentric Marketing Research
(Pty) LTD at the end of November 2015. Continue reading

Press release date: 16 June 2015

According to a series of new studies, South Africa’s sports goods industry is likely to face little to no growth over the next 5 years, missing out on the growth expected globally. The research was conducted across 48 countries by Acentric’s market-data partner, Global Research & Data Services (GR&DS) and covers the period 2015 to 2019. Continue reading

South Africa, 9 April 2015

Spur has been identified as South Africa’s leading restaurant brand. This is according to a new report released today by Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD titled “South African Restaurant Brands 2015”. Spur was closely followed by McDonald’s, Ocean Basket, Mugg & Bean, and Wimpy. Continue reading

Release date: 14 October 2014

There is widespread dissatisfaction amongst city residents regarding energy services and pollution. This is the finding of the people’s Green Cities Barometer which was commissioned by the Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Bishops of Southern Africa (SACBC) and conducted by Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD.

The survey was conducted using Acentric’s online panel amongst South Africans living in key metro areas. Continue reading

By Craig Kolb,
Acentric Marketing Research

As published on Bizcommunity, 17 January 2014

The coming year promises to be an exciting one, with many new
technologies and promising trends on the horizon. From the integration of big
data and samples, to the growth of open panels and the tantalising possibility
of automated marketing management; 2014 should be an interesting year. Continue reading

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