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Acentric Omnibus Surveys

Reduce survey costs

The Acentric Online Omnibus allows you to access a survey of 300 online consumers at a reduced cost. Clients share the questionnaire, reducing costs through shared overhead.
Starting from a minimum of 10 questions, add as many questions as you require (up to a maximum of 50 close-ended questions per client). Demographic questions are provided for free and include the following: Age, gender, ethnic group and household income. Surveys are conducted monthly.

At the end of the survey you are provided with tables and/or raw data in Excel, should you so desire. All tables show results at the overall level, as well as cross-tabulation by demographic categories (the demographics are combined where possible for convenience into a single table, referred to as a 'banner table').

An omnibus survey is a type of survey where a wide variety of subjects are covered during the same interview. Each client obtains the data from their own unique questions (not shared), while sharing the common demographic data collected from each respondent. This reduces costs, while maintaining quality. It also means that if you only have a few questions to ask, the project is still financially viable as survey overheads are shared. NOTE: Omnibus surveys are sometimes referred to as piggyback surveys.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of omnibus surveys?

  • Advantages: reduced costs, free demographics.
  • Disadvantages: the survey target population is the general population and cannot be restricted to a particular sub-population. If you wish to only see results for a sub-population a question needs to be added to allow filtering - however this sub-population will have reduced sample size.

Omnibus questionnaire
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