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The PackScreen system saves you days of survey setup and analysis work and substantially reduces the risk of failure by getting feedback from a representative sample of consumers.

Whether there is a need for a fresh package design for an old product or a product that is new to market, there is likely to be a lack of clarity on what design direction to follow. Each stakeholder may have a different vision, or may the client may be uncertain on the direction to take. PackScreen is an ideal way to rank and narrow down what might otherwise be an overwhelming array of possible design directions. PackScreen is a survey-based technique designed to increase the chances of package design success by casting the net wider. Screen up to 25 alternative designs and compare the new package designs against an existing design or a key competitor.

Each design is ranked

Each design is ranked by purchase intention and compared to the existing design (if applicable).

Test alternative package design drafts

Each survey participant is shown up to 20 designs one at a time and then shown them again in order to rate each design.

Identify which concepts rank above the existing product

If you have an existing package design, you can identify it's rank and which new package designs outperform it.

Diagnostic profile

Each alternative design draft is compared to the existing design on key diagnostic ratings. Add up to four additional diagnostic dimensions in addition to purchase intention; such as the ability of the package design to get attention, uniqueness, design appeal and brand fit.

Automated for speed

Both statistical analysis and PowerPoint presentation creation make use of extensive automation for rapid turnaround.
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