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A slide deck containing the survey results is available for purchase at $99. The deliverable is a brief PowerPoint slide deck of 53 slides in PDF format.

Product description

The Acentric Christmas Shopping Intentions Survey 2014 was conducted in South Africa between the 5th and 9th of November 2014 in order to provide a timely insight into Christmas season related purchase intentions of South African shoppers. These include the intention to conduct Christmas related shopping, intended growth in spend over the previous Christmas period, intended purchase channel, and the types of products consumers intend on purchasing. The results are segmented by age, gender, ethnic group, household income bracket, province and urban/town/rural continuum.

The slide deck is available for $99. Please contact Acentric to purchase.

Technical note & disclaimer

The margin of error is approximately 8.9% at a 95% confidence level including design error, and assuming a worst-case proportion of 0.5 (50%). Reported proportions, larger or smaller than 0.5 (50%) have smaller margins of error (i.e. more accurate) with the same base size. Note different questions and cross-tabulations may have different base sizes depending on whether or not a question was applicable to the specific respondent.

Acentric Marketing Research Pty LTD makes no representation of warranty of any kind regarding the quality, accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this report. Acentric Marketing Research Pty LTD, its directors, employees and partners accept no liability whatsoever for losses or damages – whether direct or consequential – resulting from errors, inaccuracies or omissions.