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Acentric’s brand name research offers the following services to increase the effectiveness of your branding efforts.

1. Brand name generation

Over 100 different names are brainstormed as part of the process of choosing the right brand name. It is important to cast the net as widely as possible. The more potential names generated at the outset, the more likely you are to find a strong brand name that not only meets your criteria, but meets with consumer approval. Criteria may include one or more of the following:

  • Initial letter
  • Reputation connotations (e.g. market leader, heritage)
  • Dynamic connotations (e.g. speed, responsiveness)
  • Knowledge connotations (e.g. leaders in aeronautical design)
  • Product characteristics (e.g. freshness, quality)
  • Temporal connotations (e.g. timeless, ancient)
  • Legal and CIPC requirements for registration

2. Brand name research

Once a list of names has been generated, the names should be evaluated quantitatively to ensure the intended connotations are conveyed as expected. A survey may be conducted to measure the following:

  • Brand name preferences
  • Brand name meaning
    • Avoid offending different cultures
    • Understand the connotations of each name
    • Determine the ideal name with the right impact
  • Demographic segments
    • Age, gender, race and income
    • Are there significant differences in perception?

By measuring the actual perceptions surrounding each name, risk is reduced and the probability of choosing a sucessful name increased.