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Why conduct employee engagement surveys?

  • Countless studies have proven employee commitment impacts on financial peformance
  • Measurement signals to employees what is important
  • Counter the culture of entitlement – surveys indicate employees own connection to performance
  • Signal that management cares
  • Avoid trivial issues that are easily resolved undermining performance without your knowledge
  • Often the best employees leave, identify how to retain key staff

Use Acentric’s standardised approach to survey employees (it can be customised if necessary) and benchmark against South African data to see how your organisation performs.

Acentric offers detailed employee-engagement surveys covering a comprehensive range of factors. Each factor is measured using multiple questions, which cover different facets of each factor. Questionnaires are approximately 30 minutes long and use academically validated questions ensuring you measure issues accurately, reliably and in sufficient detail to be actionable.

Additionally, Acentric’s proprietary-benchmark data provides a means to compare performance to the average employer. The benchmark survey is sponsored and conducted by Acentric; and as a result is free from the ‘self-selection’ bias typical of benchmarks based on companies who volunteer to participate (these companies are often above average employers). By directly approaching employees within the general South African population, a far more representative benchmark is obtained.

Cut through the clutter

Detailed analysis includes strategy maps which take account of “importance” and “performance” in order to enable you to cut through the clutter to prioritise issues for resolution. Ultimately the tool allows you to improve satisfaction and reduce voluntary turnover.

The best of both worlds: Get the details without being overwhelmed

Do the ratings show there are trust issues in a particular department/unit? Why? Get detailed answers in your employees own words so that you have the necessary detail to take action. 

Want to take a step back to view the recurring themes in your employees comments? No problem, employees comments are also coded into themes so they can be quantified in graphs and tables.

Monitor and quantify emotions

Employees express emotions in their own words and Acentrics unique tool classifies them into four key emotion groups based on emotion theory.

Services offered

Acentric offers questionnaire design, programing, survey management, survey invites, advanced statistical analysis and report production. 

Services not offered

On-site presentation, debriefing or consulting is not offered. This is primarily a service for HR departments who wish to outsource the bulk of the work, but still intend to maintain internal control over debriefing and results presentation sessions.