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Usage and attitude surveys are large surveys which act as anchors upon which strategy reviews and smaller surveys rely. They differ from tracking surveys, as the questionnaires are far longer, providing comprehensive information that can be cross-tabulated and analysed to obtain much deeper understanding of users and non-users of a product.


  • Strategy: Thoroughly review your market and position in that market for input into strategy development.
  • Customer intelligence: Understand customers and non-customers, how they use and why they use.
  • Marketing communication: Understand customers comprehensively in terms of media consumption.
  • Brands: Understand perceptions of each brand in the marketplace, and purchase drivers.


  • Measure usage and frequency – and identify how heavy and light users differ in terms of demographics and other factors.
  • Determine usage occasions at home and beyond.
  • Understand how customers differ in terms of behaviours.
  • Uncover attitudes to product types, and your own and competitor brands.
  • Quantify lifestyle types.
  • Get a high-level view of media consumption across all mediums.
  • Segment your customers using the extensive data collected.