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Why do customers choose one product and not another? What lies behind the sales statistics and choices customers make?

No matter whether your customers are consumers or business people, they all have hidden motives, desires and ambitions which are not always rational or easily accessible through direct questions.

Qualitative research aims to uncover the hidden motivators and issues that customers themselves are not necessarily even aware of. By combining qualitative with quantitative research (quanti-qual) you get the best of both worlds, conclusive data supported by detailed insights and drill downs.

Many associate qualitative research with focus groups, but qualitative can take on many forms, such as indepth interviews and video ethnography. These can be used in tandem with quantitative research to obtain deeper insight, either prior to or post the quantitative research stage.


Focus group image

Focus groups consist of specially recruited consumers, and a moderator who guides discussion. Clients observe from behind a one-way mirror.

Why add a qualitative stage to your quantitative research?

Qualitative research is a learning experience. Understand why people behave in a certain way, why they say what they do, their cultural idiosyncrasies and their motivations, desires, needs and beliefs. While much of this is conscious and accessible through direct question, much is also below the surface beyond immediate comprehension.

• Qualitative research increases understanding of the hidden, while also giving insight into when customers may deliberately deceive.
• Qualitative research provides richer detail than quantitative research when it comes to understanding the ‘why’ of behaviour. This makes it ideal as a follow-up to quantitative research.
• Qualitative research allows you better understand what needs to be measured in a subsequent quantitative study.

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