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Which version will sell the most?

The new Package Guide research methodology takes the guess work out of your package design process, providing solid consumer-based insight into which designs are best.

Package designers, graphic artists and their clients are often faced with seemingly endless possibilities with no clear design direction. Hundreds of possible design directions may exist, and there are no guarantees that following a certain path will yield the best results!

Acentric Package Guide is a new innovation in research methodology that solves this problem.

Acentric Package Guide was developed in response to the insight that graphic designs do not need to be treated as wholes, but can be reduced to ‘component elements’ that can then be recombined in different forms. Acentric Package Guide predicts consumer reaction before package and label designs are finalized.

Acentric Pack Guide Report (Demo) – Click Here

Some examples of questions Package Guide can answer:

1. Which colour – red, blue or green – will boost sales the most?

2. What label shape will be preferred?

3. Which font is better?

4. Which country of origin will boost sales the most?

5. What logo is best?

6. Will the picture of the elephant or the picture of the rhino produce the most sales?

Consumers are then exposed to this scientifically selected subset of draft designs in a representative survey of the target market, using an advanced statistical methodology and asked to choose their preferred options. Package Guide learns enough from this small subset of design choices to produce a mathematical model of how consumers make decisions. Package Guide is then able to predict consumer reaction to new designs – even those not seen by consumers.

Consumer reaction to hundreds or even thousands of package and label design can then be predicted. In the past, only a small number of designs could be researched – and there was no guarantee they were the right designs to test in the first place – or even worse, no research was conducted at all, resulting in millions of lost sales.

Clear automated design briefs, based on preselected design elements