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An independent survey, not linked to your company name, allows for true insights into your website’s performance. Traditional approaches, such as counting ‘unique visitors’ or ‘clicks’ do not tell you how consumers view your website, how your website compares to competitors and what the long term impact of your site is on brand awareness and preference. Additionally, ‘unique visitors’ are increasingly difficult to calculate accurately due to cookie deletions and shared IPs.

Key benefits of Acentric’s website-measurement approach:


  • Keep the evaluation anonymous – consumers do not know who is conducting the study.
  • Test your website, and competing websites in random order – each respondent is exposed to each website in a different order.
  • Evaluate multiple aspects: Attractiveness of design, content, layout/organisation, interest, brand preference & purchase intent.
  • Before & after: Evaluate impact on brand preference, and purchase intent – before and after exposure.
  • Acentric uses an incentivised and pre-profiled panel of online consumers (over 50,000 in SA) ensuring high response rates
  • Both customers and non-customers can be included.
    • Go beyond ‘pop-up’ surveys which limit the audience to existing customers/visitors and have a poor response rate.


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