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Logo Screening Survey

Test up to 7 alternative logos (including the existing alternative) and get an overall performance summary for each logo, along with an indicator of whether it is better or worse than the existing logo. Identify which logo the market is more likely to accept.

How unique is each logo?
How likeable is each logo?
How well does each logo design fit with the brand?
Purchase interest?


The logos you supply for testing are added to a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire is checked before being sent to a panel of survey participants. The survey data is then checked before analysis. The analysis process calculates scores for each alternative based on stated purchase probability and these scores are compared to the existing alternative so that you can determine which new alternatives are an improvement and which are worse than the existing alternative.

Each alternative is also evaluate on diagnostic criteria, which include: uniqueness, liking and brand fit to provide an indication of where problems may exist. Each new alternative is compared to the existing alternative on the diagnostics for comparison.

Example report

The report provides a brief overview of the survey method, then provides results for each of the alternatives you tested ranked from best to worst. It can be provided to you as a PowerPoint, ready for presentation to your stakeholders.
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