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Terms and conditions


A user of this website, or by ordering and or purchasing products or services from Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD (trading as Acentric Surveys) may be referred to as the 'client' or 'you'.


By using this website and or ordering or purchasing products or services from Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD (trading as Acentric Surveys) you agree to the following:

  1. You certify that if you make a purchase via this website you have provided accurate information and that you are the authorized user of any payment mechanisms used.
  2. You acknowledge that you understand the description of the product or service and that you have ascertained whether it meets your needs prior to purchase.
  3. Prices only include what is listed and indicated. You agree that no assumptions should be made regarding the provision of additional services.
  4. Changes to the target population definition that you provided are not permitted post purchase and you agree not to alter them. This is because incidence minimums apply in many cases. Surveys are - in part - costed based on estimated incidence, which in turn depends on the definition of the target population and how this is executed in terms of screening question wording. Hard to reach populations result in lower qualification/incidence rates, which in turn increases costs.
  5. If you specify an incidence for your project, you agree that if the incidence or questionnaire length deviates by more than 15% from that claimed when seeking a quotation, an additional charge may be incurred for panel interviews. This is calculated in relative not absolute percentage terms. So for instance an incidence of 50% allows a maximum deviation of 50% + or - 7.5%.
  6. You agree that prices do not necessarily include the automated or manual translation of questionnaires, if you choose a non-English speaking country.
  7. Translation of typed answers to open-ended questions is NOT included in automated quotations or in prices provided on this site.
  8. Unless selected as an option at the time of quotation, thematic coding of typed answers to open-ended questions is NOT included. Certain methodologies or products may include word clouds, as specified on the relevant web pages relating to the methodology or product. The raw text is available, as is, in the reports. No editing or other processing is offered.
  9. Deliverables are provided online or by email. Travel and onsite presentations or labour specifically excluded. Acentric is a strictly online-only service provider.
  10. Client may request one questionnaire revision on the initial MS Word version, using TRACK CHANGES, in response to the initial draft provided. This only applies to custom surveys. One minor revision at the online programming stage is allowed. However, it assumed that all substantial revisions to content were made electronically in MS Word or a similar word processing software file.
  11. One invite is sent, followed by a single reminder. No further reminders will be sent unless a special exception is made by Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD.
  12. Client may request up to three 'completes' status reports indicating # of completes during survey. Limited to two spreadsheets identifying individual non-starts/partials in the case of stakeholder surveys if you are a research intermediary entitled to access such information.
  13. End clients are not entitled to data linking respondent details and answers
  14. In the case of custom surveys, client is entitled to one revision of the final research report.
  15. The costing explicitly excludes preliminary reports as these require duplication of work, unless specifically listed in the estimate.
  16. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue invoices up to the maximum allowed by current legislation. Additionally any debt collection and legal charges will be for your account.
  17. We reserve the right to refuse and refund purchases in relation to survey that we deem to be offensive, hateful, racist, or surveys that contain vulgar language.
  18. We also reserve the right to refuse surveys that attempt to collect personally identifiable information from panelists without prior written permission.
  19. We reserve the right to refuse, or withdraw from projects and provide full or partial refunds dependent on costs already incurred if it becomes apparent that the study is not viable or for any other reason.
  20. Price estimates or quotations, whether provided manually or through automated means on this website do not constitute an offer for sale. Displayed prices are not binding and we may choose to refund payments if changes in circumstances alter the project costs which we may incur.
  21. You agree to report any issues you have to Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD and to seek a resolution of any issues you may have allowing up to two weeks before resorting to any other processes.
  22. You further agree, that in the event of a chargeback said chargeback does not remove your obligation to pay for services or products provided. Chargeback means any transaction that is disputed by the cardholder in question and or is reversed for any reason. You agree to payment in full, unless by mutual arrangement, a full or partial refund is offered. Any debt collection and legal charges will be for your account. Research reports that are not paid for in full remain the property of Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD and may be resold or publicly released.
  23. Illustrations or demonstrations of potential output or analysis may deviate from the actual output as adaptations and modifications are made from time to time.
  24. You will not hold Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD, its shareholders and / or employees liable or responsible in any way for damages, direct or consequential.
  25. While Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD will take reasonable steps to deliver a quality product or service within the allowed project budget, Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD makes no representation of warranty of any kind regarding the quality, accuracy or completeness of information provided prior to, during or after the research process completes. Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD, its directors, employees and partners accept no liability whatsoever for losses or damages - whether direct or consequential - resulting from errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any reports or other communications.
  26. By purchasing services or products from Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD, trading as Acentric Surveys, you consent to the limited display of your logo or organization name. Use shall be limited to listings of present and or past clients for marketing purposes.
  27. By purchasing services or products from Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD, trading as Acentric Surveys, you consent to the use of any comments made in relation to the service in testimonials.
  28. You consent to Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD revising these terms and conditions at any time. Your continued use of this website and / or the service / products offered on this website will constitute consent to the new terms and conditions.
  29. Timelines are provided as a guideline and should not be interpreted as a guarantee. Multiple factors affect timelines, including but not limited to: respondent cooperation, season, questionnaire length, incidence, processing requirements, the complexity of the statistical analysis and reporting requirements.
  30. Acentric may utilize any data source at its discretion in order to achieve the required sample.
  31. Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD has the right to revise these terms and conditions by posting them on this website.
  32. In the event any parts of this Agreement are found to be void, the remaining provisions or clauses of this agreement shall nevertheless be binding with the same effect as though the void parts were deleted.

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